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Wedding Wars - A&E - Correction on Airing Times!!!
I thought it was definitely related to House/Wilson. If this is not okay mods, please remove. A&E will air the made for TV movie Wedding Wars at the following times:

Upcoming Airings:

Monday, December 11 @ 9pm/8C
Tuesday, December 12 @ 1am/12C
Friday, December 15 @ 8am/7C
Friday, December 15 @ 2pm/1C
Saturday, December 16 @ 10pm/9C
Sunday, December 17 @ 2am/1C
Sunday, December 17 @ 12pm/11C

 It is a romantic comedy and drama (cause there's nothing funny about separate and unequal love) about gay marriage. I've also posted this to the TWOP HoYay thread. Please follow link for video and other details 
I tried to put this behind a cut but it didn't work.

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January? I thought it was on this coming Monday?

According to the Wedding Wars (A&E) website, it's part of their January lineup.

Well right here: http://www.aetv.com/weddingwars/index.jsp (after the intro) it says "Monday, December 11th 9PM/8C"

I knew John Stamos wasn't lying to me last night on the Late Late Show! ;)

Geez!! How could I have missed that!!! I am so sorry.

Hey don't worry about it, I just didn't want you to end up missing it :)

Thanks. I edited my original post and added the RIGHT dates and times :)

hmm interesting. i'l definitely look out for it, but it's slightly disappointing that a movie about gay marriage doesn't actually contain any gay marriages. it'd be like a holocaust movie without any jews... okay, maybe thats a dramatic stretch, but still =P

Well I wouldn't be so quick to assume that. It's really about two sets of lovers a m/f and m/m pair. I think the idea is to see if there is market for gay romance, relationships, and marriage. I don't want to disappoint, so I'm gonna watch, TiVo, and rewatch.

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