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Wilson's proposes marriage to House
Poll #1508309 Will House say YES to Wilson's Proposal of Marriage (EP 11)

How will House respond to Wilson's proposal of marriage?

should I get you a bed at Mayfield?
Hell to the NO!!
only if you wear culottes to the wedding
YES!!!!!! baaaaaaaaaybeeeee
turns to 3B and says "you can go now"
stands, pulls Wilson into an embrace and starts singing Michael George's "Faith"

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I woke up this morning thinking they may go through with it cause you know neither one is gonna wanna back down then when they get home, Wilson will all like well that was fun and heads to bed and the next thing he knows there's House climbing into his bed and Wilson's all what are you doing? House says - what? I take my wedding vows very seriously. No reason we can't start the honeymoon now!

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