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5 to 9 Viewing Poll

How you gonna watch 5-9?

not watching, not reading
not watching, but reading at H/W LJ
maybe watching depending on what folks say about the H/W scenes
delayed viewing so I can TiVo past the Luddy or Huddy or both
keeping my viewing options open

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(puzzled) Why isn't there an option for "watching as I would any other episode"? That's what I'm doing and I imagine what most if not all people will be doing too.

Me too.

I'll be watching like I always do.

I didn't think of fit. But I think keeping my options open probably fits any, many permutations I haven't thought of :) Thanks for responding to the poll.

I was wondering why you didn't have that option too. I'm curious why you didn't think it would fit.

I'm going to do what I normally do with any House episode. Watch it live but make sure my dvr is set to record it just in case something happens and I'm not home.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for taking the poll :)

I didn't chose any of the poll options because i will watch as always. I think it might be fun to see House and Wilson through Cuddy's perspective. There may be less of those two than usual, but from the promos it looks like we will get some. I think it will be good in it's own right, though different than the usual.

:) You and the poster below are saying the same thing and like I said I never thought of that :) Thanks for commenting.

I am going to watch it, but I'm going to pre-record it, rather than watch it and live-chat as I would with every other episode. It just looks so boring to me. I'm watching this show for House and Wilson mostly. I don't really care about Cuddy and what she does every day. Gods know I didn't go watch the Sherlock Holmes movie for Irene Addler. I just don't have very high expectations. And I'm not looking forward to any of the potential Huddy scenes they might shove down our throats. The only thing about this episode that could possibly interest me would be if they showed Cuddy's view on House and Wilson's relationship and interactions.

So glad I posted this poll because I never even imagined the possibility of Cuddy's perspective on House/Wilson which like you said could be interesting. Thanks for commenting :)

where's the "Eagerly awaiting the episode with as much (maybe even more) enthusiasm as any other" option?

I'm totally looking forward to this one

Not particularly geed up about this episode like I usually am, but I still think it will make somewhat intriguing viewing. I'll 'download' in the morning like I usually do.

I didn't answer cause there's no response for "will watch as always."

"Keeping my viewing options open" means there's some debate about it, there isn't for a lot of people as noted in the comments section of your post at house_wilson and here. I guess we can assume from the poll that you probably aren't going to watch it. Oh well...

I didn't like the Huddy but, I'll be there for all the H/W bits I could have.

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