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5 to 9 Viewing Poll

How you gonna watch 5-9?

not watching, not reading
not watching, but reading at H/W LJ
maybe watching depending on what folks say about the H/W scenes
delayed viewing so I can TiVo past the Luddy or Huddy or both
keeping my viewing options open

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I am going to watch it, but I'm going to pre-record it, rather than watch it and live-chat as I would with every other episode. It just looks so boring to me. I'm watching this show for House and Wilson mostly. I don't really care about Cuddy and what she does every day. Gods know I didn't go watch the Sherlock Holmes movie for Irene Addler. I just don't have very high expectations. And I'm not looking forward to any of the potential Huddy scenes they might shove down our throats. The only thing about this episode that could possibly interest me would be if they showed Cuddy's view on House and Wilson's relationship and interactions.

So glad I posted this poll because I never even imagined the possibility of Cuddy's perspective on House/Wilson which like you said could be interesting. Thanks for commenting :)

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