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Battle of the sperm donors versus the fathers
I really enjoyed this episode. Initially, I was so angry when I heard House and Foreman went on House and Wilson's date. But when I saw it, I couldn't help but laugh. On the surface, it was meant to be funny. However, when I looked a little deeper, I realized there is something terribly wrong with Wilson and House is not paying attention. Maybe I should move out of the land of spoilerwhoredom!
A better title for this episode would have battle of the sperms donors versus fathers. The sperm donors for the Taubettes is questionable but the father is certain. Taub loves both children even though one or both may not be his. One of the Taubettes, Sophia aka Sophia also has a real father, the one she lives with 24/7. Even though he’s a part-time father as House observes he not willing to give up something, e.g. working with House to be a father, 24/7. Then there’s the POTW’s sperm donor, his birth father aka the person who sodomized him at age four. The POTW also has a father, the mother’s husband aka the stepfather, who has helps care for him 24/7. Then there’s Chase’s father who abandoned him to his alcoholic mother who would lock him in his father’s office for hours at a time. His father was definitely a sperm donor. Then there’s Park’s father, he is both the donor and the father, who’s so attentive he even brought her lunch in response to a text message sent by House. Then there are Adam’s parents who apparently provided her with optimum care, which she interpreted as of less value then the divorces, substance abuse, and mental torment that her peers had to endure. In response she ran away for two months at age 16, shacks up with an older man. On her return she does penance by becoming a straight A student, graduating college, completing medical school. House did not fare so well with both his sperm donor (birth father) and his 24/7 stepfather who mentally and physically abused him during his childhood. We learn nothing about Wilson or Taub’s parents. But the conclusion of the battle between sperm donors and fathers is that both end up screwing up their kids, through their absence or their actions.
This episode also reveals how the cast of House characters are not very nice people. Chase tries to manipulate Adams into revealing what her parents did to damage her, while House is listening in on Chase’s i-phone. Having already figured this out, Adams tells Chase her parents started out as poker players, eventually moved on to drug dealing, using drugs, which eventually led to her father getting into the slave trade specializing in children. Apparently, Chase has also joined forces with House to humiliate and abuse the both old (outing Taub’s infidelity to Park and Adams) and the new team (trying to manipulate Adams into revealing her secrets).  I wonder has figured out yet if she stays on the team, House and the old team will eventually strip her bare of her humanity. Now we come to the House/Wilson date. I have to say I was so excited when I saw the promo, which should have been my clue that it would go all wrong. But given the story they were telling, I realized in the end it made sense.  Wilson tells House they need to talk about Saturday night. Wilson has two ringside seats to a fight they were going to watch at House’s place. House refuses to acquiesce to Wilson’s desire to actually go to Atlantic City to see the fight. Wilson insists he’s going. House then says he’ll take the other ticket and handle the logistics. House finds about rheumatology conference that is happening two miles from where they fight will be. He goes to Foreman and tells him he’s been invited to speak at the conference. Foreman plays along practically begging House to do the presentation. House thinks he’s won until Foreman reveals he knows it’s a scam.
Now why would House team up with Foreman to manipulate Wilson out of the tickets. In the opening scene with the team, House moves right in and starts attacking Taub based on the wrinkle in the chest area of shirt.  After he gets Taub to admit he had a fight with ex-wife’s boyfriend, he then moves on to humiliating Chase and Park and tries to do the same with Adams, although unsuccessfully. Adams was a prison doc so she’s used to antisocial and sociopathic types. It didn’t even make her blink.
Later we see House and Wilson sitting in one of the booths in the cafeteria. Wilson says you do realize I have to invite someone else to the Rubio fight. House refuses to accept this. Recall House had asked Wilson to give him the other ticket, which Wilson didn’t do. I can understand. Wilson doesn’t want to do anything that would get House in trouble. He tells Wilson he was fine watching on pay per view.  According to House it was Wilson who insisted they had to go to Atlantic City. Now House is angry. He wants to be with Wilson and Wilson would rather go to Atlantic City even though it means it will have to be without House. Recall House does not like to share Wilson. House is angry. Wilson is not only going to Atlantic City but he’s taking someone else. House then reaches for Wilson’s sandwich. Wilson reacts by slapping his hand away. It looks like some things have changed. Wilson then cuts off a couple of small pieces for House and offers it to him. House of course takes the bigger portion, Wilson’s portion. At this point, Wilson does to House what he did to his team earlier, attacks him – verbally by bringing up a very old hurt, e.g. Birthmarks. Wilson describes House’s sperm donor as a God-fearing minister and his stepdad as the cold hearted jerk who raised him. House tells him he’s trying to deflect and I agree. Wilson does not want to deal with the fact that the date is not about the fight, it’s about being together.  He feels guilty. Wilson then accuses House of deflecting. I disagree. Wilson continues his diatribe questioning House’s belief that every parent screws up their kid and why he believes Adams’ parents screwed her up just because he had a screwed up childhood. Now House is really pissed. Wilson has once again chosen the greener grass, e.g. Atlantic City over House. Recall Sam was the greener grass in season 6. House bits into Wilson’s sandwich in a very gross way then throws it on Wilson’s plate. As House gets up to leave, he says, it’s not my fault, bad parenting. Wilson is frustrated. Next, we see House with his team continuing the diagnostic while some guy is working on trying to get his ankle bracelet off. The guy runs out of the conference room after realizes he somehow triggered an alarm on the ankle bracelet.  House gets his ankle bracelet into a Jacuzzi to obscure the fact it had been tampered with (which is a felony for a parolee) just before Foreman and security find him. When the clinic patient’s wife comes to see House, we learn through their conversation his ankle bracelet is still on and working. House seems upset that he will not be able to go with Wilson to Atlantic City.
Later on, Wilson decides to plead House’s case before Foreman.  Wilson begs Foreman to let House go to the fight. Wilson promises they will also make a showing at the conference. Now recall in the previous episode when Foreman tried to enlist Wilson as his House spy. Wilson turned him down and told him to find somebody else. Foreman acknowledges House has done well, stayed out of trouble and deserves to go. But Foreman still says no because House does not respect his authority. He tells Wilson he’d like to go to that fight. This was a test for Wilson. Foreman was giving Wilson an opportunity to choose where his loyalties lay – hospital (aka Foreman) or House (his best friend for more than 20 years). Wilson doesn’t take the bait so Foreman moves on to his next strategy. He tells Wilson it is his job to be House’s friend and he needs to stay here and watch the fight with House at House’s place and bitch about the boss. Wilson thinks about it, has a revelation and tells Foreman he’s right. Wilson hands over both tickets to Foreman. In that brief exchange, Foreman has learned two things – Wilson will always choose House over PPTH, Foreman, even patients (Son of a Coma Guy). Second, Foreman realizes he has to limit Wilson’s ability to influence his decisions regarding House.
I believe it was Foreman who invited House to the fight. With the tickets, Foreman not only had the authority, he had the power. As I said, I was pissed when I first heard about the ending. However, when I saw it, I thought it was perfect. Did anyone else besides me notice that Wilson has a key to House’s apartment? That must have been some steak dinner.
Foreman manipulated Wilson because he refused to act as Foreman's House spy (the Confession). Good decision by Wilson because when the other shoe drops, and we all know it will, Foreman will be holding the bag - ALONE.
And I couldn’t finish unless I mentioned the awesomeness of the all female new team. Both of the women seem totally indifferent to the Taubettes. I thank the writers for not playing to traditional gender stereotypes