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Gut Check - Analysis of H/W subplot

Of all the episodes I’ve seen this season this is the best one to date and I’ve pretty much loved all the episodes. I found this episode fascinating because it revealed something about Wilson that I found intriguing and disturbing and something about the House/Wilson relationship that is not so apparent. Wilson is emotionally needy and very dependent on House. To enjoy this episode you have to pay very close attention to the dialogue. First, House finds Wilson sleeping in office and ask if he is still having trouble sleeping due to the neighbor‘s crying baby. Wilson says even though he is wearing ear plugs, has his head covered by two pillows and has taken three sleeping pills HE CAN STILL HEAR THE BABY CRYING THROUGH THE WALLS OF HIS CONDO. This led me to believe Wilson may be hallucinating or delusional because there’s just no way he could hear a crying baby except in his head after taking three sleeping pills, plugging his ears, and covering his head with two pillows. Next, when House originally tells Wilson about Beth, he doesn’t believe him. It’s only when House walks away with the remark “it’s just as well” that Wilson seems to think there may be something to House’s tale or he wants to play because it’s House and it’s their form of foreplay. Wilson calls Beth who is in on the scam. Next, we have Wilson shopping at a toy store for his fake son with House. We learn Wilson used to love to make sand art. I think House has second thoughts when he realizes how much Wilson has bought into the idea of having a son. He tries to discourage Wilson from meeting his fake son to no avail. Wilson meets the fake son at a local diner. What I found interesting is that Wilson doesn’t get up to greet his son which most people would do. There’s no mother. It feels strange. We see fake son get a text from House to terminate the first meeting and ask Wilson for a second meeting, which turns out it will be after Wilson gets off from work. Wilson already has plans but he decides to cancel them to be with his fake son. House and Wilson have lunch and what struck me as odd is that Wilson says “We like each other.” House points out the craziness of Wilson’s assertion since they have only known each other for 25 minutes.  This tells me Wilson is extremely lonely. Wilson also tells House his son is nice because he would accept anything Wilson offered him to eat. House points out, all Wilson has really learned about his fake son is that he is willing to lie. Wilson tells House he’s going to fix fake son dinner this evening. House tells Wilson “you don’t fix kids dinner you give them peanut butter.” They have dinner at Wilson’s place and the fake son seems to like the same pizza toppings as Wilson. Wilson seems so happy about this.  Later on, the fake son seals the deal when Wilson drops him off at home. Fake son reaches over, hugs Wilson and says  “I love you dad.” Most of us would fine such behavior disturbing and very weird.  Wilson reacts in a stunned and emotional way. I thought hmmm . . . Wilson is also delusional.  He is cannot adequately assess what he sees and hears in interpersonal relationships when outside the context of his role as physician. Then again, remember Grace or his patient-friend in Wilson?

The next day, Wilson meets fake son at the same diner. He’s late because House is still working with his team and can’t get him there on time. At this meeting, fake son tells Wilson his mother is moving to Costa Rica and he’s not going because it’s not his dream, it’s hers. Fake son hesitantly ask Wilson if he can live with him. Again Wilson is shocked but fake son begs, “Please don’t send me to the jungle.” Wilson caves and says if it’s alright with your mother you can come and stay with me. Now, most people would be thinking wait a minute, I just spoke to his mother today to let her know we were meeting and she never mentioned anything about moving out of the country. Or I’m going to check with his mother to find out what’s going on. Of course, when Wilson finally realizes he does not want to be anybody’s daddy, he complains to House telling him he is not ready for this and doesn’t want to do it. He doesn’t find the reality so attractive, just the iead.  Notice, Wilson expects House to fix this for him. I thought that was really interesting. It is at this point, with fake son at his side that House reveals it was all a scam. Wilson gets a little upset, tells House and fake son to get out of his office. He stares at the fake son/actor’s glossy, throws it on the coffee table, and leans back on the couch and chuckles. Some people came away with House is one mean vicious mother fucker, while I came away with Wilson is one emotionally disturbed, depressed, lonely dude. It may be the only way Wilson can get attention and what passes for affection from House. But the bottom line is I think House thinks there’s something seriously wrong with Wilson. This scam was so ridiculous, Wilson never should have fallen for it. Wilson also looks like he’s lost a lot of weight. I don’t think it’s physical. I guess RSL is not longer feasting on those banana cream pies he was eating during S4 through S6.

Some folks wonder – How can Wilson turn around and have dinner with House and even discuss the scam with him like it was nothing? Well either Wilson’s a “big hearted wuss” or he has some serious emotional problems. I’m going with the latter. I’m guessing Wilson is no longer seeing a psychiatrist or taking antidepressants.