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Name that Subtext - Correction
Correction - The dialogue is from S2 211 - Need2Know. My apologies for the confusion.

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Hi! I was just replying to a comment you left me (RE: House/Wilson) that seems to have been deleted.

I would be cool with House being gay, but it's not believable since he fought so hard for Stacy, and, well, the way he looked at that seventeen year old...hm.

My best friend's aunt was married fifteen years and had two sons before coming out of the closet. She knew she was gay the whole time, but and loved her husband very much even though she was not sexually attracted to/satisfied by him (and then she met someone who changed that). Obviously, many gay people get married live "straight" lives, such as Mr. Mcgreevey, but that doesn't mean that they are straight. I sincerely doubt that Mr. Greevey woke up one morning and said "nope, I don't like pussy anymore, it's boys from here on out." (and he's admitted that he's always known he's gay). Society is very hard on gay people (especially men), and many people would rather be sexually unfilled than deal with the (undeserved, I may add) scorn of society.

Being gay isn't a choice, and it certainly isn't something you change into one day after decades of heterosexuality. It's like being right or left handed. You're born that way, and yes, you can write with the other hand, but it's always going to be uncomfortable and perhaps a bit sloppy.

And that, as they say, is that.

I like your hand writing metaphor - very nice. Sexual gender, identity, orientation, and behavior are non-linear constructs. They do not necessarily flow one from the other. The mediating factors are poltical, emotional, and social. Unfortunately because of our prejudices toward gay folk, they often have to make a conscious decision to choose. Staight folk don't have to because everything inb our society supports a hetero progression. Having said that I believe that people sort of stumble and fumble on their way to "discovering" their sexuality. I also believe that some people's sexual orientation is grounded in their politics - like many lesbian women who have been battered by men and "choose" to love women, linking their gendered political struggle with their sexual behavior. Then there are some people who choose to love whoever they love at the time - male or female "bi". My point is sexuality is complex and cannot be explained solely by nature or nurture. There are a multiplicity of factors that influence our sexual choices at any given moment in time.

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